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Victoria Rotterdam Antwerp F.C.
4 1
04.12.1892 Plaats: Exercitieterrein te Crooswijk


Gehavend Antwerp met 10 eervol onderuit
Linkbuiten Cecil Jacobs moest op het laatste moment gekwetst afhaken zodat Antwerp slechts met 10 spelers aan de aftrap kwam.

"The Antwerp Club paid its first visit of the season to Rotterdam, few days since to play the Rotterdam Football Club. The visitors again played without their full team the two ordinary half-backs being still unable to play; they also played one man short. The team was composed as follows:
Price (goal); Rivaz (captain), Reynolds (Backs); Allan, Hermann, Walther (Half-backs); Wilkinson, H. Jacobs, Heyder, Seagrave (forwards).
Antwerp won the toss, and kicked off at 1.45 with the wind in their favour. They immediately pressed their opponents hard, but the weakness of the forward division men who were unable to shoot, combined with the stubborn defense of the home backs, prevented Antwerp from scoring. It was only after half an hour's hard pressing, that the Antwerp forwards at last succeeded in rushing the ball through their opponents goal; no other score occurred before half time. Playing against a strong wind in the second half, the Antwerp men again pressed the home team for a short time, but the wind, which before had been to strong to allow any attempt at combination, suddenly changed and a blew a gabe, and being accompanied by a blinding snowstorm, it was impossible for the Antwerp backs to clear their goal; the ball returning back to them after every kick they gave. It was during this storm that the Hollanders succeeded in scoring 4 goals, and nothing further occurring, Antwerp retired, beaten by 4 goals to 1. For the visitors, Rivaz and Reynolds, played a splendid game at back, whilst Price greatly distinguished himself in goal. The supper which followed was a very pleasant affair and fully consoled the visitors for their defeat. All the members of the Rotterdam Club tried with each other to show hospitality to the visiting team and the day closed with a genuine display of good feeling on both sides."

Potage Anversoise
Patés de Football
Poisson Anglo-Belge
Bœuf à la match Internationale
Pommes de terre
Vol au Vent aux Capitaines
Veau à la Federation Belge
Poule au Referee
Compôte au Roi des Belges
(ATHLETE - bron: The Belgian News & Continental Advertises - 17/12/1892)


Victoria Rotterdam Antwerp F.C.